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Me & My Journey

I am Asma Chaudhry, a journalist and anchor person, currently hosting a talk show ‘News point with Asma Chaudhry’ on 24 News HD in the prime-time slot.

I started my carrier as a journalist in the capacity of sub-editor with Jang Group. Soon I joined the state television network PTV as a producer and was honoured with best producer award for producing the program ‘Vision Pakistan’ in 2003. Later that year, I joined the leading private TV channel GEO as a producer.

During my job at GEO, I got the opportunity to become an anchor of a talk show known as ‘Parliament Cafeteria’ which was conducted in the cafeteria of Parliament of Pakistan. It turned out to be a very successful program in my career because of its uniqueness and style. All leading Parliamentarians of the session 2002-2007 graced the program with their presence. It was a great learning opportunity for me as it gave me an insight to real life Pakistani politics along with diverse views on various geopolitical issues. This went on for five years, till I switched to Dunya News as an anchor person and analyst and served there for four years. I got a chance to serve Dawn News in the capacity of Deputy Editor Research and Analysis in April 2012. In subsequent year, I switched to Capital TV and later I joined Channel 24.

During all those years, I have covered news on various topics both nationally and internationally. I was the first female Pakistani reporter who went to Afghanistan in 2005 to cover the geopolitical issues and on-going war in Afghanistan. I travelled to USA, UK, Germany, Turkey and China to cover various events. During my career, I visited all SAARC countries on various special assignments as a special diplomatic correspondent.

I believe in equal participation of women in all walks of life and I stand for women rights which are guaranteed in our religion and constitution of Pakistan. I have a strong faith that women can positively contribute in every sphere of life without compromising on the values and ethics. I have never indulged myself in the rat race of ratings and my programs are always considered issue-based and goal-oriented. I don’t shout at top of my voice to impose my opinion, instead I believe in meaningful discussion and resolution of problems. I believe in journalism with honour and dignity, without compromising on principles. Therefore, me and my team are always focused on real life issues which are being faced by people of Pakistan.

Honor & Awards

Other Than Confidence

During my career, I received various awards and honours but for me the most prestigious award is the confidence of people of Pakistan.
PTV Award
Best Female Anchor
Most Influential Women
Best Current Affairs Anchor
Benazir Bhutto Excellence Award